A Little Family Time


No work on the house this past week. We were on Hilton Head Island with our family. Yes, we decided P.J. could wear a shirt with lobsters on it while we were there! We spent everyday on the beach and every evening in the pool. The kids had a blast and P.J. and I actually relaxed! Now, we are home and my wheels are turning. While P.J. is taking care of the jungle outside, I think I will tackle our mini-hall. The trim is looking terrible and the old yellow paint needs to go! Wish me luck!





2 thoughts on “A Little Family Time

    • Thank you! We are thinking of using the same khaki color as in our living room. I did get the trim finished, but I got carried away and started painting all the trim in our living room. It took an entire 12 hours! So, hallway will hopefully be finished this weekend. Lobster shirt is compliments of Old Navy 🙂 We also found a cool light fixture while on vacation we plan to hang in the hallway. I’m working hard for you to see it soon!!!!!

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