Ryan’s Outer Banks Vacation

ImageI know, you would expect a pic of the fam on the beach. Well, it’s really hard to round everyone up and have a camera in hand on the beach, so here we are on the pool table 🙂  We had a wonderful vacation. We spent a week in an amazing beach house with great friends. We loved Corolla and I’m sure our family will return. This is the beautiful view from the house we stayed in.


I have a few things to share with you that I didn’t have time to post before our trip. The girls and I stayed busy making a few homemade items to take with us. We made our own sunscreen bars, hand soap, and laundry detergent. We had a great time and I highly suggest these items not only because they are better for your bod, but it was just such a great time for the 3 of us girls! They love that they are making something that everyone will actually be using.



Alivia worked so hard grating the soap. My hand was tired, but she never complained!

ImageMommy did the melting on the stove. We added a little pink food coloring to give our soap some color.


 There’s our 10 jars of soap. We love this soap. It feels great and smells so fresh and clean. Not to mention it was SO CHEAP!

Image  The cupcake pan has our sunscreen in it. Here’s the finished product.


Looks like a white chocolate Reese Cup! We made 12 bars. I had no idea how well these would work or how much we would need, so this is how I stored them for travel.

ImageWe ended up using 7 sunscreen bars for a week at the beach. Keep in mind we are a family of 5 and we did share with some friends. We thought it worked great and was SOOO much cheaper than buying the spray sunscreen. Yes, it is much easier to quickly spray, but we found that much of the spray is gone with the wind and doesn’t actually cover your body! It’s expensive for a large family and it doesn’t last very long, and once again this is just safer for us! We will continue to make our sunscreen I’m sure of it.

I need to give credit to wellness mama.com for my sunscreen recipe.                                Check out her site, I love it!


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