Can’t Get More Beautiful

ImageAs I walked into my bedroom after my shower this morning, this is what I saw. Miss McKinley at the vanity. It’s not possible for her to become any more beautiful than she already is, but it was such a cute pic.

So, one other project I started before leaving for the beach was stenciling the back wall of my bedroom. This started out an easy project, but I’ll be honest by the end of it I was ready to pull my hair out! You must be a patient person to do this!!! I love how it looks, but it will take much time and healing for me to do it again 🙂 I have taken so many pictures of my room, but I just can’t seem to get a really good one that shows the stencil work very well. Here’s my best shot:

ImageImageI know, it’s not the best pic. I tried so hard. Anyway, in person it’s a very pretty wall. I used the white trim paint that I already had and it worked great. The stencil I used was rather large and covered a good amount. Working around the window was the hardest part, but the stencil is made to bend and does very easily. Like I said it’s just a project that requires patience. I started this 2 days before leaving for vacation which was a huge mistake. I rushed myself because I wanted the wall done, the room back in order, the suitcases packed, not to mention it was the same two days the girls and I were making our homemade items. Yes, it worked, but I wasn’t in my right mind! If you didn’t already notice the edges of the wall are still not finished. I just had to have a break. That’s the part that will require me to bend the stencil and I’m just not up to it yet. Once again it’s totally not the stencil that’s a  problem, it’s me. Next time I will take a day that I have nothing else that needs to be done and start after my morning coffee 🙂


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