A Bit More Cozy

We have been working on the living room for a couple of weeks now. Once we decided to paint the trim in the living room, other things started slowly happening. Here is the before, but after the trim had been painted:

ImageWe hated the love seat being against the back wall because we weren’t able to open the front door all the way. We were also in desperate need of an area rug and new (lighter) curtains. After trying 8 different sets of curtains (ugh), we found a pair we were happy with. We then brought a pretty little table up from the basement that we bought at a yard sale 2 years ago. Now I actually enjoy looking out that front window! Here it is:


Back to that love seat. We were looking for a small “accent chair” knowing that our family isn’t really cut out for any accent items. I was just stuck on finding a cute little chair to put in the space between the window and front door. Well, all the chairs we saw were just too fancy for us or just too expensive! While we were out we stopped in to visit Sarah again at Salvation Army and there it was! This cute little chair just glowing in the thrift shop. Yes, she’s an oldie, but she hasn’t lost her charm! Here she is:


Yes, she is orange with yellow and green. She really does glow πŸ™‚ Then in a different area of the thrift shop we saw this cute little piece:


Cost for both items: $20.00

Our family loves an ottoman including our four legged family members. It wasn’t part of the set, but it looks cute! BTW the cute little chair came with a matching couch. That piece is sitting in the basement just waiting to be used. Here is the living room as of today:

ImageLittle orange pillows came with the thrift store couch. The lamp is missing it’s shade that’s another item on the to do list. Jack is enjoying the new rug.

ImageThat back wall is pitiful we know. Many ideas brewing for that area at the moment. If you have any suggestions please share!

DSCN0873 DSCN0874

Well, good morning Jack!

ImageImageThere you go. Living room slowly transforming. It does feel much more cozy now. The window is looking good, the little chair gives us more space, and the area rug just brings it all together giving us a cozy space.


8 thoughts on “A Bit More Cozy

  1. Wow, I think your house is looking fantastic! And I love reading your blog, and watching the transformation.

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