ImageThis is my neighbors driveway! It’s gone! This rain was hard core! It was over within an hour, but boy do we have a mess. Thank goodness my dad told P.J. and I to have the bottom of our driveway covered with concrete. We have a creek that runs along the bottom of our property and it runs under our driveway. So, about 2 years ago we took good ol dads advice and had concrete poured. Thank goodness!! Thanks dad!!!! We still have a driveway, but the water down in our field and our part of the creek is just insane! We feel like we are living oceanfront at the moment. The sound of the rushing water is crazy. So, there ya go, looks like we’ll just be “floating” around for a while 🙂

ImageThis is our driveway. Now, I know you don’t know this but over to the right is a 7 or 8 ft. drop to the creek. So, this is the deep end for sure!



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