Alivia, Alivia, Alivia

Well friends, I did have many new pics to share today, but as you know I have children. Miss Alivia was “helping” me take pics yesterday and somehow managed to delete every single picture I had on my camera! So, unfortunately I’m kind of up in the air on what to post today. It’s already been weeks since our last post and now I lost everything I had planned to share. Go figure! I do have a little something for ya. Speaking of Alivia, a few weeks ago I had to work and P.J. was home with the kids. Well, I guess Liv decided to play photographer for the day and these are the shots she captured. 


Bless little Sassy’s heart.Image

This looks safe! Where is Daddy??????

ImageIs Moo potty training?

So, sorry I have nothing to share on the house today, but hope you enjoyed Liv’s pics. They will at least make you smile 🙂  They make me wonder what daddy was doing that day. The Ugly House will be back soon. We’ll be getting some new pics and things have started to settle down now that we’ve been back in school a few weeks. Our lives have been filled with lesson plans and homework! But, we’re ready to get busy again with the “to-do list” soon! Have a great week!!!!


3 thoughts on “Alivia, Alivia, Alivia

  1. Haha. Awesome! You guys might have a future photographer on your hands. I have to say, Sassy is very photogenic. And can you ask that little man touching the ceiling,”who are you,” for me? Miss you all.

  2. Kesha,
    I love the pic of Batman!! I wanna be Wonder Woman! Think he needs a helper? 😉 Liv is a pretty good photographer! 🙂

    Keep up the updates…they’re great!
    Love ya!

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