Rain Barrel

If you saw the post we had in July of the entire street flooding, you’re probably wondering why we made a rain barrel. Well, we actually did this back in June, but we must confess, we haven’t needed it this summer. Any other summer we would have worn it out, but we actually had a little too much rain this year! So what! It’s still cool to have and we enjoyed making it! If you don’t have one and you want one it’s soooo easy! Find a barrel and then order the rain barrel kit from Home Depot and go to town. This was a 20 minute project. The kit comes with everything you need. We already had our barrel just sitting in the basement waiting to be used. All we bought other than the kit was the spray paint. Here it is…

ImageImage  Image            Hook her up to your gutter.  All supplies needed are included in the kit.

Image                      Do a rain dance and you’ll have a barrel full of water!


2 thoughts on “Rain Barrel

    • Hey Deb! No, we don’t drink it. We use it for the flower garden. Hopefully next year we’ll have a veggie garden again and we’ll use it there too. Probably should have made that a little more clear! We’re not that green 🙂

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