Nothing But Net!

That’s funny for me to say since I haven’t touched a basketball in years! I did play as a kid, but running up and down a court trying NOT to make eye contact with the person holding the ball got old. My poor parents were embarrassed for me. But, P.J. and the kids enjoy playing and so now we have a basketball goal!

Two months ago I pull in the driveway and laying in my front yard is an old, rusted, UGLY basketball pole, yes pole! No, I don’t play basketball, but I know that a backboard, rim, and net are essentials to “shootin some hoops.” I’ll be honest I was NOT happy. I call my dad and say, “What am I suppose to do with this thing?” Yes, it was a question, but I meant it very sarcastically, but it’s my dad and so I had to be sarcastic in a nice way ๐Ÿ™‚ Dad informed me that he and his neighbor dug the pole out of his neighbors yard trying to salvage it just for us and then he said, “Clean it up and let your husband play.” I rolled my eyes and mumbled under my breath, then two months later, I walked outside with a steel wire brush. We brushed it, sanded it, and took 4 cans of spray paint to it. P.J. found a backboard on a local consignment website for $25.00. We drove out to pick it up and stopped at Dicks on the way home to buy a net and ball.

I learned that basketball goals are between $150.00 to ย $1,100.00 depending how fancy you go. If you’re cheap like us and on a TIGHT budget, look for an old pole, dig it up, brush it, sand it, paint it, and put it up! I couldn’t care less about this basketball goal, but P.J. enjoys it and so do the kids, they’re just not tall enough to get net yet! I will enjoy watching the 4 of them play and cry (already have, since the ball eventually hit all 3 children in the nose the first night).

I did have pics of the UGLY pole and the red and white backboard, but Miss Alivia deleted all of those! You just get the finished product.



Spray Paint/Sand paper= $20.00

Net & Ball= $27.00


ImageImageImageI must confess, I thought about taking the pole to the dump more than once. The only thing that kept me from it was my fear of the wrath of dad! Now, I would like to give a special thanks to dad, Ron (dads neighbor), and Jason (my sister’s boyfriend) who helped P.J. put it up!


4 thoughts on “Nothing But Net!

  1. Looks like the perfect place for a basketball “net/hoop,” but not a basketball goal. Lol. But the wall behind the net is probably great for all of PJ’s air-balls, so that they bounce right back to him.

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