DIY Checkerboard Table

A few years ago P.J. and I spent a weekend with some friends and family in a cabin in Pigeon Forge, TN. In the kitchen/living room there was a checkerboard table. I would have never guessed that we would use that table to actually play checkers as much as we did! P.J. and our brother-in-law Shawn played game after game. Then, Katie (sister-in-law) and I started to play. Well, the checker game has carried on for 4 years now. Shawn and Katie  who live in New Jersey have a board that they get out every time we go to visit, P.J.’s mom bought us a rug checker board set from Cracker Barrel that we play on and have taught the kids to play on, P.J. and I bought my parents one to take on camping trips, and then while we were in Outer Banks this summer with Katie and Shawn and other friends the game continued. So, obviously we all enjoy a good game of checkers! I didn’t say we were good, but we do have a good time 🙂

P.J. & Shawn at the cabin.

P.J. & Shawn at the cabin.

P.J. and sister Katie

P.J. and sister Katie

Tuesday evening I found myself feeling antsy or full of anxiety however you want to put it. I had a crazy day at school and was having a hard time relaxing. I have learned that when I begin feeling this way I have to funnel the energy into something else or just sit on the couch rocking back and forth! Just kidding! I don’t really rock, but one day I might!! So, to keep myself occupied I went down to the basement to see what I could do without spending any money. P.J. mentioned that he would like to have a checkerboard table. We had looked at them online a few times before, but this family just couldn’t splurge on one then or now. So, I looked around at the different furniture we had (because I am a bit of a furniture hoarder, but getting better) and found a table that would work for now. ImageImageThis poor piece has been with us for 10 years! We bought this with our first furniture set. The match to it is at a friends house and the coffee table is in P.J.’s classroom. Why do we still have it, I don’t know. It’s been in the basement for 6 years! Told you I have a problem. Anyway, I brought it up and kept my mind and hands busy for two nights.

ImageImageImageJack was in desperate need of attention!

ImageImageImageHere you get a glimpse of the ONLY painted basement wall! ImageHow do you like those chairs! I love them! Picked those up at Salvation Army this summer and can’t wait to use them in the basement once it’s finished. They fit the checkerboard table perfect! This one’s for you Shawn!!!!!!


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