Down Under

I wish I could say we are visiting Australia (The Land Down Under), but I’m just talking about our basement. 😦  Things have been a little crazy around here lately. School and kiddos are keeping us busy! We have been working on the ol’ Ugly House, just in very small increments. Finishing the basement is a very different project for us. We are not use to working with a completely clean slate. It overwhelms me a bit. I second guess myself on every “final” decision I have. P.J. does the same. So, needless to say things are moving along slowly, but it also has to  do with financial issues. We are trying to spend very little per check and keep the area simple. We have other areas we would like to remodel and we don’t want to invest too much in the basement. I have a few before pics here to show you. Just a little WARNING, I admit to being a furniture hoarder. I know I have too much in the basement. I am working to clear out items that need to go. I struggle though because I’m just not sure what we will be able to use later.


I know, I know! I’m embarrassed! This space has only been used as a catch all for 6 years now! I have worked hard cleaning it out I promise! P.J. and I have painted the ceilings black. This was not an easy task, but I’m happy with how it looks. P.J. and my dad did frame out a few walls to separate certain areas.


Sorry for the water spots on the pics. My poor plain little camera never recovered from the pictures I took in the rain. We still have to cover the duct work in the ceiling, but we are waiting to have all the electrical work taken care of first. We then made a HUGE mistake by choosing this color for the walls:


Oh my, I know! Can I just say, P.J. chose that color!!!! Next, we painted the walls again:


Still a lot of stuff down under, but I’m still working. We are much happier with the grey. Painting the cinder block walls made it look so much more clean. I must add, we did wash the walls with bleach water before painting. I can’t wait to do the floors, but there is so much more to do before we can even think about that! On the one side of our steps dad and P.J. framed it out so that I would have a storage closet. It was a nice size closet and I had decided that whatever didn’t fit in that closet had to go. Well, as I mentioned before I am bad to change my mind. That area is now a play area for the kiddos. It looks like this now:


It’s a very unfinished look right now, but we have big plans for it later. It is a clean and safe area for them to play for now while we are working down there. All this probably still looks like a hot mess to you right now, but I promise we have a plan. One step and one dollar at a time!

Are you or have you finished your basement? If you have any suggestions please share!


5 thoughts on “Down Under

  1. We are renovating our basement right now. My son has Autism, and we have a lot of therapy equipment that he uses, and we wanted to really make the space nice since he does spend time down there.

    Two years ago, I went through every single item in the basement that was being “stored” and we moved it to the garage and had a HUGE yardsale. Made hundreds of dollars. Anything that had been designated as yard sale was not allowed to come back into the house. I spent a couple months putting things on Craigslist, donating stuff, and getting it all out of the garage.

    We just finished putting up the walls and are picking paint. It is a clean slate down there. We also added a bathroom. I will do a post and show before and afters…

    Sorry this is so long, but thought it may inspire you a bit if you’re looking to get rid of some more stuff. 🙂

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