Fall Break



Well, I’m feeling it, fall break is officially over. It’s Sunday evening and it’s about that time for the weekly routine to begin. Cook dinner, clean the kitchen, give the kids a bath, put away laundry, get the backpacks ready, put the kids to bed, and pass out dreading the sound of the alarm clock in the morning. I actually enjoy those things more than it sounds! I’m just pouting because the break is over! We had a nice week together. We stayed busy, but we enjoyed our time off. Here’s  just a glimpse of our week at The Ugly House.

Friday thru Sunday- A visit from my sister (Carrie), her husband (Wade), and the boys (Bailey, Jordan, Lucas).



Monday thru Friday- Worked in the basement. After having 5 house guest we were reassured of how nice the extra space will be once the basement is finished. So, we decided to do the floors.

Remember this little section of the basement? This is where we began. Of course we had to clear the space.


Then, we had to sweep, sweep, sweep, and mop, mop, mop.


Next, we tried a spot remover to clean up those really bad areas. This is me

explaining to P.J. that the instructions say to SCRUB the cleanser!


This is McKinley making sure that Daddy was really scrubbing!


After cleaning the floor we applied a transparent concrete stain. We chose the color green.



Why was this a mistake? Well, first of all the green looked HORRIBLE with our grey walls and black ceiling. Second, the transparent concrete stain just didn’t look so good with the many marks we have on the floor. We first thought the marks would just add a little character, but not the case!

Finally, we ended up with Epoxy.



So much better! It looks so much cleaner. I know it doesn’t look the least bit cozy, but it will once we get a few nice rugs down and some furniture. This is just furniture  we already had in the basement. I guess you could say we are kinda staging it to get an idea of what we want and where we want to put it.



We are working on the other half of the basement floor, but it’s not finished yet. More pics as that comes along. P.J. and my dad (Larry) did put up a few pieces of paneling though.



Here we are now.



 Saturday- Cleek’s Farm

This is a local farm right down the road from us. They started this 3 years ago and we enjoy watching it grow each year. We started the visit with a hay ride.


Had a duck race with the well pumps.





Rode some horses.DSCN0279

Kids rode the cattle train.DSCN0262


Of course we had some kettle corn and apple cider. The kids chose hot chocolate. Then we headed toward the maze. This years maze was a train.


While inside we stumbled upon a tractor.

DSCN0293 DSCN0305


We eventually found our way out. It did take a while and we had to  stop listening to McKinley and Alivia!

DSCN0267 DSCN0270

Here are the sweet faces we left with at Cleek”s Farm.



Alivia lost her first tooth this week!!!




One thought on “Fall Break

  1. Looks like you guys had yourselves a good week. Sorry it had to end. The basement looks great. You guys do some fine work. Miss and can’t wait to see you all.

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