DIY Christmas Gifts


Sugar Scrub & Body Butter

The girls and I started making our own sugar scrub and body butter back in the summer. We love both products. The whipped body butter is probably my favorite. I only have to apply it once throughout the day. My skin looks better than it ever has before and I don’t have that itchy dry skin you get in the winter. We also use it on Brooks after each bath. Brooks has eczema and it is wonderful for his skin. I also love that our body butter is all natural. While I do love the smell of Bath Body Works products, I have been reading up on some disturbing info on all the harmful ingredients found in their products. No, we are not in any form or fashion an all natural family (wish we were), but we are making small changes as we learn more. The sugar scrub is pretty awesome too. It’s my special treat on Sunday evenings. The scrub feels great and after using it I don’t even have to apply lotion.

So, with that said, we decided to share our homemade products with our friends and family for Christmas. Of course this is only for the ladies on our list, but we’re working on other ideas for the men. Both the sugar scrub and the body butter make your skin feel great, can be an all natural product, is easy to make, and isn’t expensive. We are using these as teacher gifts, hostess gifts, and all the friends and family members that we just want to give a little something to.

Sugar Scrub

Sugar Scrub

Sugar Scrub

1 cup of sugar

2oz coconut oil

2oz olive oil

1tsp vitamin e

The girls and I do add scents. If you’re going for all natural use essential oils. We have both essential oils and fragrant oils. The sugar scrub pictured above is Pineapple Mango and so we colored it with orange and yellow food coloring. We packaged it in a 4oz canning jar. The jar is tiny, but the scrub will last a while, unless you exfoliate every day!

Whipped Body Butter

Whipped Body Butter

Whipped Body Butter

1 cup shea butter

2oz coconut oil

2oz almond oil

2oz beeswax

1tsp vitamin e

We add scents to the body butter as well, but not color. The shea is a natural yellowish color.   We are also putting the butter in a 4oz canning jar. Now we have 2 nice, simple, inexpensive gifts to share with our friends. We chose to “make” our own bags for these gifts to kinda stick to the homemade theme we have goin on. We picked up some brown paper bags, ribbon, and name tags at Dollar Tree and our gift bags are just as simple as the rest.


I just want to say that there are tons of sugar scrub and body butter recipes on pinterest and other places. Pinterest is where I first came across them myself. You may find one of those recipes to be better for you. This is just what I have found myself using after experimenting with a few batches of my own. Hope you enjoyed! 🙂


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