I’m Dreaming of a Blue Door


I had a crazy idea this weekend that did not work out, but led to this blue door! It all started with this pin on Pinterest . Remember this wall in my living room. Well, this pin from Jenna Halvorson got me all excited about this wall in our small, longer than it is wider, living room. While we don’t have the money for the beautiful crown molding right now, we thought we could possibly make it a more cozy entryway.


My first idea was to use this bench from our old kitchen table and create something similar to this. P.J. was happy. The benches and table have been sitting in our basement for years now. They totally didn’t fit in this so-called eat-in kitchen we have, but we had a hard time parting with it because P.J. and my dad spent a lot of time refinishing the 1 bench and table. Last week the entire set was actually loaded up in P.J.’s truck ready to go to a local antique shop. We were headed there and the roads were blocked due to the Christmas parade. So, all 3 pieces were sitting on the carport. Anyway, we sanded, primed, and  painted the one bench that had not been finished. I brought it up and quickly realized that I was no longer going to be happy with the green wall. That then led to me painting the green wall to match the others.DSCN0512

I put the bench back in front of the sesame colored wall. Just wasn’t working for me. Sorry no pic of that. It wasn’t there long enough to get a picture. We carried it back out to the carport  and what do ya know! It looked really nice against the stone wall. So, it has found it’s new home. The now empty wall has the green window table due to the Christmas tree going up this weekend. We are in the process of making a shelf like this pin to go above the table to display family pics. Back to that blue door. I loved having that splash of blue and so I then thought of painting our front (interior side) door blue, but then I found this pin. Now, I’m torn on what to do with the front living room door. So, I got off task as usual and ended up painting the side door blue! We love it P.J.’s happy with it, and I won’t miss the dirty little fingerprints all over the white door.


I’m not loving the shade of blue on the door. I think we need something brighter. We have also discovered that the blue it disappearing when the dogs scratch at the door. Guess I have to use a different type of paint???? Back to the drawing board on this one!!! I forgot to post a picture of the bench that started all of this madness now that it has found it’s new home on the carport. I will do that!


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