More DIY Christmas Gifts


We shared our diy Christmas gifts for the ladies, but not the others due to spoiling the surprise. As you know the ladies in our family received our homemade sugar scrub, body butter, and lip balm. The girls and I made around 200 scrubs and butters. No, we don’t have that  many people to buy for! We actually sold a few for others to use as Christmas gifts for their friends and family as well. This was never the plan, but people started asking to buy it and so we made a Christmas profit of $350.00 and that’s after paying for all our supplies!!!! We were very excited about this extra money at Christmas. 🙂 So, while we were busy making our “girly” gifts, P.J. had a project of his own for the guys. They received a wooden 6 pack tote. This was a cool gift for P.J. to give due to the fact that he has started to brew his own beer and planned to fill the tote with his homebrew. He also made a couple of wine totes. I personally received one of those along with his mom.

DSCN0582 DSCN0583DSC02973 DSC02971 DSC02972

DSCN0579DSCN0580 DSCN0581

Now, for my favorite homemade gifts! McKinley had asked Santa to bring her a cash register this year. Alivia asked for a doctor kit. So, with hopes that Santa would fulfill their wishes, P.J. and I decided to make a little something to go with each of their gifts. We decided to build a “store” and “care center.” We did both with ONLY scrap wood and paint. The only cost was the fabric and the Little Tykes plastic piece that I saw at a yard sale driving home from work and snatched up for $12.00. The girls have played with this more than any other gift. They were so excited and so were we!







Alivia saw many patients at the Care Center, but Jack was her favorite!


My parents always come over Christmas morning for breakfast and Gi Gi (my mom) just loved shopping at Sisterly Love Sweet Shop!

That’s it! The last of our DIY Christmas gifts. We really enjoyed making our gifts this year and saved a lot of money. Family and friends seemed to really enjoy the homemade gifts as well. Did you diy your Christmas gifts? Please share if so! We need ideas for next this year 😉


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