The Land Down Under Update


Looking better? The playhouse is slowly coming along. This is how it looked at Christmas, and how it looks today. We haven’t had much time to work downstairs recently, but it does look better than when you saw it last.  Looking at the playhouse you see the kitchen window and to the bottom right is the doggie door. P.J. is still working on the front door, but for now The Dark Knight aka Batman is on guard. Let’s take a look inside.


The living room/dining room. The girls actually painted the little bench themselves and it looks so cute! In the back there is Brooks’ retired crib mattress. They are using it as their bed.



Here’s the kitchen.





Don’t know if you noticed in the first picture, but we did paint the basement steps as well. They look so much better! They need another coat, we still need to hang the paneling on the other side, and paint the top drywall and one day we will 🙂


Remember this is still a work in progress!!!! This picture is at the bottom of the steps looking forward. This is the area that we hope dream of putting a pool table. Of course we will have to get light fixtures first and probably have to wait until the kiddos clear out the Sisterly Love Sweet Shop, the Animal Care Center, and the Beauty Shop in the back corner. 🙂



This is the other half. Here we plan to put a sectional on the back wall there and nice big cozy rug on the floor. Once again we have to cover the duct work and get a few light fixtures first.



P.J. hopes to hang a nice BIG flat screen here. Yes, we dream big!



So, there it is. Our land down under. No, it’s not much, but it’s great for the kids to play. We often have at least 5 kiddos at our house simultaneously a couple of days a week. Now they have their own space. They can ride bikes, skate, bounce balls, spill drinks, talk really loud/scream, and all the other things they do that makes me stress, while in a kid friendly area. We hope to get back down there soon and will keep you posted on our updates.

Have you finished your unfinished basement on a tight budget? If so please share any photos or tips!!!


9 thoughts on “The Land Down Under Update

  1. It looks great down there! Once you guys are finished with the furniture and big screen and all, I can definitely see you all spending about 90% of your time down there and forgetting about the actual living room. Haha. You guys should consider a “Bumper Pool Table” instead of a regular pool table. My Pop used to have one back in the day. It’s such a fun game and it’s how I learned to shoot bank shots so well. It would cost less and take up less room. And most of them convert to a poker table as well as a dining table. I’ve seen them on craigslist around here for about $100-400. Anyway, we miss you guys. PJ, I’ll talk to you soon. And McKinley, Happy belated Birthday. Sorry we missed you and I hope you had a Happy Super Bowl Birthday!

    • Thanks Yit. I’m excited and ready to get it done. Thanks for telling me about the “Bumper Pool Table.” I don’t know what bank shots are, but I know you’re really good at pool so they must be rather important:) I love that you said it would cost less and take up less room. What I love even more is that it can convert to a dining table. With all the house guest we have that would be very handy. Once we get it all finished you, Malory, and that sweet Kinsley need to come visit! I hope Kinsley got to play in some snow and we will be seeing you guys in late March first of April. We will be up on our Spring Break. Take care and give the girls our love.

      • You have inspired me. We are out of money for our basement reno right now, and the stairs are not done. I think I’m going to use leftover paint and use your idea. 🙂 I think it looks awesome!

        We live in a ranch style as well, so your blog makes me super happy!

      • Yay! I love to inspire:) I’m always the one being inspired!!!! I understand being out of money for the basement, you see how long these little projects are taking us! The paint I used was leftover. We had first bought it to paint one of walls downstairs, but it looked REALLY BAD when we did. It had just been sitting on the shelf for 6 months. Painting the steps is a quick, easy, cheap fix that makes it look sooo much nicer/cleaner. Thank you so much for your kind words. Hope all is well with you and your family.

    • Thank you! They do love having a little world of their own. I enjoy not stressing about the mess all over the living room. My children have never been ones to play in their own room. They always bring the toys to where we are and so the toys were always scattered all over the living room floor. Now, we have an area to relax while they play right next to us, the best part is that the toys can stay there:)

      • You have created and ideal environment that works for you whole family – not an easy feat! It’s good to see you all and your sweet home again, Kesha ❤

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