This is How We Roll…

DSCN0600our living room walls. Yes, we have painted the living room once again. I am REALLY happy with this color. We spent much time selecting the color and it paid off. This is Benjamin Moore, Thunder. If you haven’t already used it, Benjamin Moore’s web page has a cool personal color viewer. You very easily upload a picture of your room and choose a color. It was very helpful and fun! Our color Thunder is light, but not too light, and very neutral. It looks fresh and clean. This is the first time we have used Benjamin Moore paint and we were a little skeptical at first. It was a little more pricey than what we usually buy, but it was worth it! We bought one gallon and still have about a quarter left. That means we have no reason not to go ahead and paint the “hall of horror.” It’s just an itty bitty hall, but boy is it a pain in the butt to paint. Too much cutting and edging!

Anyway, The living room is slowly transforming. Paycheck by paycheck. We did re-arrange the furniture. I was happy with the room before, but when we had guest we just didn’t have enough seats. After 6 years of living here, for the first time we have a couch in front of the window. We resisted the move because we loved the view out the picture window. We had a great view of the neighbors horses across the street. Now, we have to turn our necks, but it was worth the move. The change allowed us to have more seats for when we do have guests. The three extra seats we have are all Salvation Army finds, but they are really comfortable and kid friendly. We are hoping to have the two green ones reupholstered soon. The yellow one is pretty cute and so we are leaving it yellow. So, we tried out our new arrangement on Super Bowl Sunday and it worked! We had a total of 9 adults in the living room. Two had to sit in kitchen chairs, but the other 7 were comfortable. šŸ™‚



We are looking for a better console for this space, but once again trying to be patient. These are the two green/yellow chairs we are going to reupholster. Any ideas for what to do with this wall space? We are thinking something similar to this, but for the console.


The cute little yellow chair is looking really little in this space. She may not get to stay. We’ll see.


Notice the one red table and one brown. Yeah, I will paint the red one brown soon enough. We bought these years ago. We used them in the living room and then they became tables for the kids to play with, one was actually being used in my classroom just last week. They have found their way home, but with a new coat of brown. At least one anyway.




Still a work in progress, just like the rest of the house, but coming along.

The To Do List

  • paint living room
  • crown moulding
  • new trim
  • reupholster green chairs
  • refinish hardwood
  • new console
  • hang tv on the wall above console
  • wall art
  • gas fuel stove
  • close off the entry to Brook’s room
  • mantle around the stove of some sort

One thought on “This is How We Roll…

  1. We bought a fireplace console (search that on Google)… it is not gas, but electric. We have had several people question it being a “real fire” because it looks so real… and we don’t have to pay for propane because it is electric. It has a lot of storage, too. We had to save for ours, but we’ve loved having it this winter!

    You may be able to find some re-upholstering tutorials on Pinterest. šŸ™‚

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