Picture Ledge


Like it? I’m loving it. P.J. actually built it back before Christmas, but we were changing so many things in the living room that we were afraid to hang it. I knew if I had him hang it and then ended up wanting it somewhere else he would not be happy with me, so I held out. In the long run it actually ended up where I had first planned. I really like having the pictures on a shelf and not on a nail. I love a picture wall or “wall gallery,” but mine drove me a little crazy. Every so OFTEN I would have to walk by and straighten the frames. Now, they stay straight! The shelf idea came from Ana White. We have not added the crown moulding at the bottom of the shelf yet, and not real sure if we will. Who knows. I do still have a little touch up painting to do. The rest of the walls are still empty. I’m trying to be patient and not hang everything I have just because I have it. This project was super cheap and easy. Making it ourselves ensured that it would be the perfect fit for our space. The front door opens against this wall and we didn’t want it getting hit each time the door was opened.  We’re really happy with this picture ledge. There may be more pop up somewhere soon!




8 thoughts on “Picture Ledge

  1. Love, love, love it! What a pretty way to welcome loved ones through the open door. I’m looking to place family pictures on a wall in my home study soon so I’m looking for inspiration. Thanks, Kesha 🙂

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