Back in 1972, Pink Tile Was The Thing To Do….


Let’s go back to the beginning. This is the “Pretty in Pink,” bathroom The Ugly House came with. Yes, that’s sweet McKinley sitting on her potty back in 2007. She was only 2 when we first moved here.


This house had one bathroom and the bathroom did not have a shower. We had to take baths only for our first Β 4 months here.


Is that not the ugliest floor you have ever seen. The floor was the first change we made in the bathroom.


Notice before we removed all of the pink tile we had already had the upper wall tiled so that we could take a shower!

P.J. removed all of the pink tile in the bathroom. We also had Re-Bath come in and do our tub. It was a little pricey but, it was an old cast iron tub that would have been a real problem to get out. It is also a good size tub and if we had replaced it with one from Lowe’s or Home Depot we would have lost some of the size. We have now had our Re-Bath tub for 6 years and it has been great. It’s easy to clean and has held up like a pro. I would recommend it if it’s something you are considering.



P.J. worked hard this day! Remember this was the only bathroom in the house and leaving the toilet out for longer than one day was not an option. We placed beadboard over where the pink tile had been and painted it white. We added a new vanity, sink, and medicine cabinet. We also built a cabinet in the wall to have storage for towels.


So, this was the bathroom last week. Here it is now:


IΒ painted the back of the built-ins with Thunder (same color that I just painted the living room with). You would not believe how AWESOME this paint has been. One gallon of Benjamin Moore Thunder has covered my living room, bathroom, and the “Hall of Horrors.” Yes, I finally painted it too. Anyway, that’s a lot of area for one gallon of paint! I will be buying more Benjamin Moore! I also cleaned up the shelves and bought only white and gray towels. It was time, the others had bleach spots anyway.


We took the medicine cabinet down and put up a mirror. I was nervous that I would miss the cabinet, but I’m thinking we will be fine without it. It could sometimes become a catch all anyway. I think there will also be less fingerprints now that there is not a need to touch the mirror! Let’s hope, it’s only been up 2 days. Toothbrushes have to stay on the vanity now. Not too crazy about that. We tried it before and we have broken at least 4 toothbrush holders. This time I am using a candle holder that I have had for years. It’s tall and keeps the toothbrushes somewhat protected I guess. It’s working.


This is a little Pinterest trick that I am LOVING! We have many of these shower caddies and they would never stay on my shower spout or whatever you call that thing. It would slide down and make me jump out of my skin thinking it was going to fall on my head, cause me to be knocked out, and found naked in my shower. I was happy to find this little idea on Pinterest. It’s secure, it looks nicer, and no more mildew! BTW That’s olive oil in my little plastic container. I have been washing my face with olive oil for a year now and it’s wonderful, you should try it!


So, there it is. We still need a new blind, but we are waiting until we put our new windows in. Soon I hope!

I will leave you with a big smile from the Dark Knight himself!



19 thoughts on “Back in 1972, Pink Tile Was The Thing To Do….

    • Thank you! I love the paint on the back of the built in as well. Everything I have read about painting the back of built-ins suggest to go bold. I had even thought of painting mine navy because I have a little navy in my shower curtain. I stuck with the gray just because I am bad to change a shower curtain often. I would love to see yours when you decide!

  1. OMG, I had to live with that pink tile for 2 years in a home that we owned but sold, leaving the tile for another family to enjoy πŸ™‚ Your bathroom looks elegant and oh so not pink πŸ™‚ Good job!

  2. It looks lovely. I can completely relate to only one bathroom (functioning) in the house. I do have a soft spot for vintage tile, which explains why I have yet to conquer our non-working, beige/brown/cream 1960 tile. That said, you took a leap of faith tearing out the old tile and it is gorgeous!

    In future, I believe you can remove the tiles and sell/donate them, as there are people that like to restore and repair older/vintage homes with such tile.

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