A Rockin 70’s Touch


Finally! We found a console for the living room. For a few months now we have been looking for a dresser to turn into a TV console. We never imagined we would struggle to find a dresser, but we did. They were either too tall, too wide, too long, not long enough, too much ($), any other problem you can imagine.  So, driving around on another Saturday morning we pulled up to a furniture store. They had a really nice section with fancy furniture and an extremely old section. With out a question we walked straight into the old and outdated section. (More our style) The furniture was piled on top each other, topped off with a pound of dust on each piece.  In the very back we found a piece that was hidden in the dark. We pulled out our phone flashlight and sure enough there it was! Perfect! It was like a diamond in the rough. It was the perfect dresser. Perfect height, width, design, it had it all. So we thought. We went to open the side door to check for storage but it wouldn’t budge. We went to open the top drawers and they were a no go as well. We began to scratch our heads a little confused not really understanding why nothing would open up. Then we removed a piece of furniture from the top of our desired dresser and opened it up. There it was, something that we totally did not expect. A 1970’s record player with a stereo. After a good laugh, we decided to buy the piece and begin our next project.

DSCN0685 DSCN0687


Straight from the purchase we went to Home Depot. We picked up some of their Behr paint (Bahli Bliss), a few brushes, and polycrylic (for protection from our sweet little monsters). Oh yeah, and a TV wall mount from Target. Kesha painted the new TV console, three coats of polycrylic and I  hung our TV on the wall. A quick and fast improvement. The bonus was when McKinley plugged our new console up and sure enough the stereo began to rock. Kids are loving the extra large boombox. Kesha and I woke up Sunday morning (bout 7:30) to a bumpin living room.

 So, there it is. Living room is slowly coming together. Who knows what’s next! Hopefully BIG summer projects coming soon.


             Moo Approved

Moo approved


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