Potting Station


This is a cute project my sister, Shenoa took on last week. She had an old hutch sitting in her basement just waiting to be refurbished. Shenoa had just built herself a new flower garden in front of the house and decided to use that old hutch as a potting station/storage area.

This is Shenoa. My mom is in the middle (it was her 50th birthday), and I’m on the right. Sorry mom! This was the most recent picture I had of Shenoa. Didn’t mean to tell everyone you’re 50 🙂



Step One- Take apart the hutch, including the glass panels.




Step Two- Sand and prime. Kilz primer.



Step three- Paint and dry. She used Lowe’s Valspar Duramax paint and primer, fiddlehead fern.


Step four- Put it all back together and add your finishing touches. She chose chicken wire in place of the glass and new knobs. She also left the bottom cabinets opened. To attach the chicken wire she used a staple gun.  She picked up the knobs at Lowes. Accessories found at Dollar Tree. Two hooks on the side are from Hobby Lobby.

Total Cost- $40.00



How cute is that! There’s that flower garden I mentioned earlier. Can’t wait to watch it bloom! What spring projects are you taking on? Please share!


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