About Us

0001322755776I’m Kesha and that handsome man with me is P.J. Together we have 3 beautiful children and one ugly house! We named this blog “The Ugly House,” but when we filled this little home with our family it truly became beautiful. Even with that said our goal is to bring out that inside beauty of course!     

We bought “The Ugly House”  in  2007  we had McKinley (age 3) and Alivia (age 4 months) along with our little terrior Kipsi. We were both working full-time jobs and  in college working on our degree in Elementary Education. Needless to say we were just a little busy. We worked on our fixer upper as much as our wallet and time allowed, but didn’t get as far as we had hoped. Six years can really fly by when you’re caring for a growing family, working and going to school.

So, to bring you up to date we are now proud parents of McKinley (age 8), Alivia (age 6), and Brooks (age 3). Kipsi is still here with an addition of Moo (McKinley’s cat), Abby (Alivia’s cat), Sassy (my dog), and Jack (P.J.’s dog). P.J. and I both finished school and are now teaching in elementary schools. We share a true passion for children and teaching. We will catch you up on our 6 year journey with “The Ugly House” keep in mind as you look at our pics we know we still have so much to do. That is why we have started this blog. Any ideas and suggestions are always helpful! Now that we have a little more time on our hands and no more baby bottles or diapers to change we hope to transform our ugly house to the beautiful home we know it really is!



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