Small DIY Vanity

We have a very small bedroom and a very tiny bathroom. Where does a woman get ready? Well, for the past 6 years I have been sitting on the side of the toilet with a small mirror on the sink, or in my bedroom floor in front of a floor mirror. I kept telling P.J. I wanted a vanity and we had been looking everywhere for over a year now and never could find anything small enough for our room. So, my sweet hubby decided he would build one. Keep in mind P.J. just recently learned to hammer and nail so we kept it simple. We went to Lowes and bought a 24in round table top. The kind man at Lowes cut the round top in half for us while we were there. We then bought two small shelf brackets to support the half top. P.J. had it up in just a few minutes. I painted it and we already had the mirror sitting in the basement waiting for a home. So, viola! I have my own vanity in my bedroom. We are still looking for an ottoman/bench for me to sit on. I have borrowed Alivia’s for the moment. I would prefer one that opens so that I can store my accessories inside.


Found a new seat!



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