TV Wall Decor



After weeks of a blank TV wall we finally got a little something up there. I love the gallery walls that you see all over pinterest on a TV wall, but as I’ve said before, pictures hanging on the wall can sometimes make me crazy. So, I asked P.J. to make me two more of the picture ledge shelves that he made for the other wall in our living room. I love the shelves because everything stays in place and I don’t have to get up off the couch in the middle of a show to straighten a crooked picture.

On the two shelves over the TV you will see McKinley’s first grade artwork of our entire family, including pets. The picture of the flower bouquet was one that P.J. made me for me on our 3 year anniversary in Myrtle Beach. The tiny little sandcastle is a piece from our wedding. We had sandcastle center pieces on each of the tables. The Myrtle Beach picture album holds pictures of each of mine and P.J.’s trips to Myrtle Beach together, including the trip of 2002 when we first met one evening on the beach. Those 3 small pieces on the shelf sort of tell “Our Story.” The second shelf holds a few family pictures, a couple of empty frames that will soon hold pictures of our furry family members, and then a piece of Alivia’s pre-k artwork.

We tried our best to use items that we already had to place on the shelves, in order to save money, but also to represent us. We bought the rhino head at T.J. Maxx, and the snail at Target, on clearance. I pulled out every old frame that I could find in the basement and painted a few to add a little extra color. So, we spent a total of $30.00 to decorate the TV wall.




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